Proton Stream

The Proton Stream emits from the Nuetrona Wand when left clicking with the wand in your hand.


The Proton Stream appears to be a yellowish-orange lightning bolt with a dark-orange glow surrounded by turquoise volts of electricity. At the bottom, where the stream and the Nuetrona Wand meet, is a white glow that spurts out light-yellow sparks.


Shoot the Proton Stream at the ghost. If the stream hits the ghost, it'll start to decrease it's spectral health . Once all the spectral health is redused completely, the proton stream will loop and wrap around the ghost creating a cage that the ghost can't escape unless you release the left mouse button, deactivating the stream. Then you can place down the Trap . All ghosts are programed to avoid the trap, so they'll push in the opposite direction of the Trap , giving you more of a struggle getting the ghost into the it. All ghosts have their own Proton Stream resistance level. When a ghost is fighting to get away from the trap, you'll be stuck in "Cinimatic Mode"


  • While blasting the proton stream, you're stuck in "sneak mode" untill you release.
  • Multiple people can captivate a ghost at once.