The Para-Goggles are a part of ghostbusting.

Paragoggles item
Some attributes
First Type: Tools
Second Stackable: No
Third Unknown
Other attributes


Right ckick with the Para-Goggels in your hand and they will go on your head. The item in your hand will be replaced with the PKE meter. Whenever you hold the PKE Meter, the para-goggles will be over your eyes. If you hold anything else (or have an empty hand,) the goggles will be attop your head. With the Para-Goggles on, you can look diractly at a spiritual entity, and it will give the information about it. The info is:


Ghost Type

Spectral Health

If the goggles are on, and you have your crosshair over a ghost, you can right click, and that will add the ghost  to your Tobin's Spirit Guide.


Crafting Para-Goggles

You will need 6 iron ingots, 2 redstone, and 1 glass block/pane.