The PKE Meter is a part of ghostbusting.

PKE Meter
Pke image
Pke in Ghostbusters: The Video Game
Some attributes
First Type: Tools
Second Stackable: No
Third Unknown
Other attributes


The PKE Meter is used to help you find paranormal entities. When the PKE is being held, the Para-Goggles will go on and you can see the pke screen. On the screen is 7 vertical bars. The bars detect for a paranormal anomaly, and they rise. The bar that's closest to where the ghost is will get higher, so your goal is to make the center bar peak and follow that.

The bars can change color depending on what the PKE Meter has picked up.

Red signifies a ghost

Green signifies an inviormental paranormal anomaly (such as ectoplasm, black slime, or anything that's not a ghost)


  • The way you hold the PKE is similar to the way you hold a map in minecraft